Parker’s, Dubai Mall

Parker’s first launched their outlet in Dubai near City walk ,Al Safa and then later on got shifted to Dubai Mall level 2.It was just by luck that we got a key to this famous restaurant and was fun to hunt for the key at the same time.

Its situated in between TGI fridays and Leten in the 2nd level.After we got our key,we headed to the restaurant.There was a big queue infront and we had to wait a bit before we got the seat inside.I think before criticising its better to know about it more.
We were handed over the menu when we were in the queue we could make the choice during that waiting period.After we were seated ,there was a queue again for taking the order and we pay there itself.
The ambience is very fresh and pleasant eventhough its crowded.The staffs were very energetic and we could see them nicely dressed up all around.I liked the idea of reusing the materials for example the milk can as tissues holder.

Moving on to the food.The items ordered were
Parker’s burger which had beef patty,cheddar cheese,caramelized onion,lettuce,tomato and bazooka sauce.Yummy it was…and spicy as well.
Chicken mojito Tacos which comprised of mojito grilled chicken,parmesan ranch and cured lemon cabbage slaw.Not that spicy but tasted good.
The much awaited Lotus drama with vanilla icecream,lotus fudge and pudding underneath.It was heavenly.I would go back again just to have that alone..
I would say It was quite an experience .

Parker's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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