Wox,Grand Hyatt -Dubai

Wox is located in the Atrium level of Grand Hyatt Dubai.They serve authentic Asian dishes from singapore,china,vietnam etc. I went with my food explorer friends Coffee & Me here for dinner.They have an open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant where they prepare the dishes..

The ambience is pretty good with mood lighting.There is also free wifi😇😜 for the hotel guests.
The one who served us helped to fix our dishes.
We choose the soup of the day🍵 which is called curry laksa.It had egg noodles and prawns with few pieces of chicken.It was kind of average.not great like expected!!
The next was egg noodles with chicken and vegetables🍜.The flavors were good.
In between our dinner we were served with green tea in a small pot.
The next dish was five spice stir fried beef.The sauces were perfectly synced with beef.The star of the day.
The other dish was crispy fried chicken fried rice🍲🍲.
Moving on to the dessert,we were suggested that one with water chestnut is good so we selected that.its called water chestnut dumpling in iced coconut milk.I’m having water chestnut for the first time.its a different taste though I dint like it that much but my friends did.

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Over all I would say only the stir friedbeef was upto the mark but the others failed to impress..

Wox Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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