Kebab Bistro

I was very much delighted to get the invitation from kebab bistro as I am experiencing Parsi cuisine for the first time.It is not very spicy compared to other Indian cuisines and has a unique flavor of its own.The restaurant is not very hard to find and parking is also not an issue if you are going for lunch time.They have enough seating available and it was slowly getting packed as we started dine in.

They have buffet and a la carte option but we went on to have the buffet.
I started with the starters:
chicken farcha which was a deep fried chicken dipped in a spicy mixture.good one to start with.
patra ni macchi was the next one.It was fish in coconut chutney and was covered with banana leaf.I didn’t quite like the taste.maybe the coconut made it a bit sweet.


Mutton dhansak was the first among main course.It comes with rice and small mutton cubes in a medium spicy gravy.Both did complement each other.
Next on the list was chicken sali boti ,another curry which was completely different from the last .Going well with roti.

Mix vegetable was the the last among main course.A healthy option which was a palak based gravy.
For drinks we called for two mint limes.It was really cooling.

Lastly for desserts we had a lagun custard which they say is served during Parsi weddings.Perfect for my sweet tooth.
I recommend this to everyone to try at least once and experience Parsi cuisine.Thanks to Mr Atif for explaining us about it.

Kebab Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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