Carnival by Tresind – DIFC

Indian Cuisine is redefined here at Carnival by tresind.We were completely impressed by the food,presentation,service and also the fabulous interiors.The interiors are decorated with copper trees and an artificial water body,semi private cabins.Last saturday was unforgettable and I highly recommend it to everyone who are still thinking about visiting. They have put in lot of thoughts and creativity to make our experience wonderful.Thanks to the whole team of carnival especially Fasseeha,Sumit,Manoj and few others for the warm welcome.

It was really a sweet gesture to welcome every guest with  bubbles and we will definitely enjoy no matter how old you are.Drinks were the first to arrive at our table.Virgin tangerine mojito was my personal favourite.other than that very berry mocktail which was served in a glass skull  looked exceptional and tasted good as well.strawberry flavored barbican fizz and kala khatta soda  were the other two drinks.

Sitaphal was the first to arrive which is a pumpkin based dish.It looks like a pita bread (phulka)stuffed with fillings.The filling was spicy and sweet at the same time.


Makhan phal cocoa butter hive,avocado and lime puree.All the flavors just bursted in one bite.It literally left our tongue in a confused state.


Dal phulka – It was dal cappuccino and had a flavor of cumin with a cookie. i didnt enjoy it much but my husband did.


Pullinji – I am ready to go again everyday just for this dish.Prawns in typical south indian flavor with caramelised wonder they say carnival serve modernized indian fusion cuisines.It was served under a curry leaf-wheat net.looked awesome too.


Jalebi chaat- life is short eat dessert first is the concept here.crispy jalebi on top and underneath  it is a bed of yoghurt,boiled potato and chickpea in mint chutney.I quite loved it.


Meatalicious- Lamb chop served with mysore masala and a small crispy dosa flake.Those who do not know mysore masala is basically south indian style mashed potato.What combination it was!!


Utterly butterly- It had wagyu beef tenderloin cooked in butter and cheese toast.the tenderloin was cooked to perfection and the cheese toast I would say was out of the world.


Vada pav- A staff who dressed like a construction worker came to our table and opened his tool box.In it was the ingredients for making the vada pav.(My mom thought there was something wrong with the table thats why he came)

Malai barfi- Litchy flavored ice with  milk and rose wasa palate changer; something given before we set to our main course.


Main course-

Mutton dressed as lamb-meat was cooked to perfection along with nihari gravy and bread..

Chicken biryani was also good but nothing special.

Carta Farta- Steamed seabass in a malabari curry served along with lemon rice.i would give a 5/5 for this dish alone

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Next came the dessert;

Gajak- The chef himself prepared the dish on the table for us – It was a visual treat to watch.It had white chocolate bowl filled with

Miracle berry – Its a  palate cleanser & did made us go wow!!

Paan macaroon-It is an Indian tradition to have paan after our meal;so to equalize that we were given paan flavored macaroons.creativity at its best!

Me and my family had an incredible time here at Carnival and would like to thank the whole team and hatsoff!!!


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