Tasty Life with Bangalore Empire!!

I will never miss a chance to meet up with foodies and when I got an invitation for Bangalore Empire’s 8th year success celebration along with the Tasty Life’s celebration of 25000 member;I was more than excited to go.It was not just music and dinner but lot other entertainment as well.A big thanks to the admins of Tasty Life Hisham Abbas and Kadeeja for inviting me to this wonderful event.
As I said there were some surprise shows by some wonderful artists which filled the night and made it lot more enjoyable.Hit 96.7 Fm team also joined the function.Special mentions about Ashwin Kumar,Arab mallu,Arjun Sasi and hatsoff to the whole On the rock team.

Even the food was equally good.
We were served with a kind of bread pakoda dipped in sesame seeds at first followed by welcome drinks orange and chilly sarbath.The flavor of chilly and orange was going well together.

From the buffet,we started with the soup;the one available was Tom yum soup.It was really full of flavors.

Among starters there was chilly fish boneless and Empire special chicken kabab.Fish was cut in to small cubic pieces well marinated .It was crispy too.Empire Chicken kabab also did not disappoint us.The pieces were succulent and not over fried.
Among the mains we had chicken varuval and butter chicken,I am not a big fan of butter chicken but here it was good.Chicken varuval had a real malabari touch in it with thick gravy.Along with it they served coin porotta and naans.

In the rice section there was ghee rice and vegetable fried rice.Ghee rice and chicken varuval was a great combination.
In the dessert section we had Gulab Jamun to complete our dinner.
On the whole it was real treat for tummy and mind.

Bangalore Empire Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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