Logma is a contemporary restaurant in Box park with few archaic elements and I was really impressed by the way they have designed.Logma in Arabic language means Small bites and it does complete justice to the name.It has been serving both local Emirati cuisine as well as khaleeji cuisine for more than a year but with a modern twist.

I was surprised with the kind of dishes they had in store.The staffs wished us Assalamualikum and welcomed in.
We started with our drinks and got an Atlantis and passion Arabia.Both were super cooling drinks and passion Arabia had real passion fruit seeds in it which was looking lovely.They got a fresh pineapple juice for our son too.

Moving on, I cannot go without mentioning about the logma fries which is served with crispy herbs and khaleeji spices. We could finish it in few seconds.
Next on the row was various samboosas, The outer layer was seamlessly crispy with filling cooked to perfection. We got to try the cheese,vegetable and beef. Each one was better than the other but if had to choose I will select the cheese.The beef filling was also good which was just melting in our mouth.

Among salads we chose the pomegranate mozzarella.The ingredients used were absolutely fresh which just made the salad turned out to be top notch.
Logma khameer sandwiches were the next to arrive on our table.It is kind of sandwich with a touch of logma, we chose the logma beef and chicken tikka fillings. The Khameer bread is made really well and all sandwich in it is worth trying. The Tikka sandwich was really good with some great flavoured chicken filling and spicy too for my liking.

Beef was good too and a real treat for the tastebuds.
We also got to try out some rice dishes and we decided to have the Logma shrimp rice and Chicken Machbous.The shrimp rice was so aromatic and we enjoyed each morsel which was bursting with flavours.Chicken machbous is a traditional rice with well marinated chicken in khaleeji spices.Both were having unique flavours and quite different from each other.

At last we ended with Karak cream Brule and chebab.Karak flavoured cream brule is a best choice if you are a strong tea lover. It had a refreshing taste.Chebab is a traditional pancake filled with cheese and date syrup drizzled on top.the cheese was bit salty otherwise was ok.

Logma is a place where you can unwind relax and enjoy some local food at a reasonable price. I would sure suggest this place for some good Emirati and khaleeji cuisine.The search to the best emirati cuisine could stop right here.

 Logma Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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