Tresind,New winter menu

15409708_10157856396640405_1896518849_oThe winter is here at our door steps and Tresind also has launched its all new winter menu to amaze us again.I was awestruck by the menu they had in store.

They gave us a foggy/smoky welcome and it was real treat to our eyes and mind.Our amuse bouche was Deconstructed pani puri which incorporated molecular gastronomy in order to give pani puri a whole new look.The pani puri syrup which also consisted of calcium was poured into an alginate solution which immediately jellifies the outer layer without ruining the taste.It is then washed in cold water and served to us with sweet chutney and boond.When it reaches our mouth ,it was bursting with flavors.

Our drinks were berry blast which comes in a funny container and such an awesomized version of berries it was…and passion fruit lava which make use of dry ice (solidified carbon dioxide) in order to create a lava flow and it  was a treat for us to watch.


For something hot during winter,wild mushroom soup could be a good option and it was served in a small tea cup.Loved the flavour of it.Exotic!!!

Next was Indian version of tomato salsa served with  tiny breads and hummus.We loved it having together and it gave us a distinct taste to our palates.

Since we went to try the winter menu,we also got to try a warm salad,a baked burrata salad.It couldn’t get any better than this


Next on or table was roasted baby corn with lemon butter sauce.The chef prepared it right infront of us and the smell took us into our olden days when you have roasted corn with spices from streets.

Once we finished that we were served with fish patropoda that is fish cooked in banana leaf with rich indian spices.Fish used was seabass and it was done to perfection filled with right amount of spices and is definitely the star of the night.It was served along with chutney and banana fries.

Then came the Indian version of Nachos where we have pappad with chickpeas instead of tortilla and salsa.

Another much loved  dish on the menu was jameen doz chicken.Here small sized tender chicken is slow cooked under earth for eight hours in rich gravy.Needless to say it was melting in our mouth.

Another wonder dish was a kebab made from lotus stick and veggies which reminds us of lamb chops.It comes along with mango chutney and roasted potato cubes.Its my first hand experience with lotus stick and I never knew it was edible.


When we were  done with starters,we were offered a palate cleanser to get us started with the main course.

Birbal ki kichdi was the next to arrive on our table.I was curiously watching the chef made it right infront of us adding not just one or two but 48 ingredients to the dish and topped it up with warm water and Indian ghee.It tasted unique in every spoonful.The ingredients ranging from asparagus to coconut ,saffron and so on.

Pressure cooked chicken stew came right from the stove as it is and it tasted more like home made chicken and went well with white rice.

For our desserts we  had mini jalebis which came in archaic model scale .It was freshly made and was crisp as well.

The Ghewar Mille Feuille like the name sounds ,it was a unique dessert with fusion of Indian and western flavours.It is actually baked baklava with pistachio,raspberry and rose sorbet flavours.We  finished it in few seconds.

Another amusing  dessert was baked kunafa which looked like sunny side up on the vermicelli bed,which was made of condensed milk,orange and mango gel and also 24 carat gold foil on top.

We Indians have a tradition to have paan at the end of a heavy meal and here at tresind they serve paan in the form of cotton candies in a flower vase.It will definitely awakes the kid in you.

Our journey at Tresind ends with lot of sweet memories for our palate and mind.
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