Al Rawabi,The Dairy world

Milk is something which we have every day and it has lot of elements necessary for sustaining our body.Though we use milk in different forms , how it is collected and processed is something we are unaware of.On a fine weekend morning to find more about it,we headed to the Al Rawabi Dairy farm.It is situated in the Khawaneej area in Dubai and spread across 300 acres of land.

We were transported to the whole farm in a bus which can occupy around 60 passengers.Once all of us entered the bus ,we were taken first to the milking section were cows are washed and sterilized and lined up for milking.Each cow at a time will give upto 10 litres of milk and it will be repeated three times a day.Majority of the cows are Jersey breed from Holland and Germany.Some are local varieties too with almost 12500 in total including foreign breeds.The foreign breeds are kept in special air conditioned area during summer and the fodder is also exported.

After collecting from the milking area it is then filtered and transported for pasteurization and homogenization.Pasteurization is a process to kill the pathogenic bacterias without destroying the vital vitamins and minerals.Then the standardization of fat is carried out and milk is separated to full fat,low fat,skimmed milk etc.

We were also taken to the juice processing unit where seasonal fresh juices from around the world are collected,processed,packed and distributed.It is distributed to whole UAE and other middle eastern,Asian countries.

Beyond all the processing units are the cowsheds,fodder and hay storage area.We got to see how they are raised in their with air conditioning facilities.cow dung is also separately collected and distributed.Once the cow attain a certain age,It is given to the municipality abattoir.Even the males born in the farm are also given to Abattoir.

It was a good experience and to get to know more about the different steps involved.They have separate tours for school students too.


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