Prax’s ,Al Barsha

Prax’s is not just a Chinese cuisine restaurant but a fusion of Asian flavors which comes in little boxes.We had the opportunity to dine here at the Barsha outlet which opened nearly 4 or 5 months back. The seating area is much more spacious than the one in Jumeirah.They have an open kitchen as well.Our host Mr Andre welcomed us and was very friendly and kind enough to tell us about the story of Prax’s .He also helped us in choosing our dishes.Everything here is served in fixed grams and ingredients are also measured in a particular container so that it will always taste the same.

We called for the Wonton soup to start with.It was shareable among two and the flavor we chose was chicken. It was tangy and spicy at the same time.I must say one of the best wonton soup I have had ever.
Moving on to the starters,
Shrimp dynamite was the first to arrive at our table. It was nothing compared to the one we had before from another Chinese joint.They served the sauce separately so that it will not mislay its crispiness and will get the goodness of the sauce at the same time.It had a unique touch of Prax’s.

Among dimsums,he suggested Chicken Siu mai which is a Chinese dumpling served along with spicy sauce.The filling is not completely covered and was different compared to the momos and gyozas.
For the mains,we had the signature dish,Chilli Basil beef which is basically egg noodles served along with stir fried beef and few veggies. The spiciness level was just right and the flavors of the meat along with veggies makes it exceptional.Highly recommended.
For the next main,we chose to have the Go freestyle option in which we can decide on the Base,Protein,Sauce and Topping.My choice was to have Egg fried rice along with chicken as protein and kimchi sauce.For topping we can choose three toppings for free and I decided to go with bamboo shoots,mixed peppers and shiitake mushrooms.We could smell it even without opening the boxes.I also chose to have fried garlic to garnish it.

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To end our journey at Prax’s we called for our desserts.There were two available and got to try both.
Coconut and ginger which had a distinctive blend of both.The ginger flavor was only mild which I liked and was good for my palate.A must try.

Date and caramel which is a Prax’s speciality.Even I loved this one too but was not special as told.
I will definitely go back to have the other dishes as well.

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