Shakeshack, The Dubai Mall

Shake Shack is an American fast casual restaurant chain centered in New York City. It started out as a food cart inside Madison Square Park in 2004 instituted by the ambitious Danny Meyer, and its fame gradually grew. In due course, it was moved to a stand within the park, intensifying its menu from New York-style hotdogs to one with hamburgers, hotdogs, fries and its namesake milkshakes. The company vanities itself and underlines its use of all-natural 100% Angus beef only and that its meat is absolutely free of hormones and antibiotics. For the frozen custards, they use rich and creamy ice cream-spun fresh daily right inside the shack. Their vanilla and chocolate recipes use only real sugar and not corn syrup. Milk is taken from farmers who guaranteed not to use artificial hormones. What more do you want from a casual restaurant joint like this??

Al Shaya have taken the franchise in Middle-eastern countries and they started the first branch in United Arab Emirates about 4 years back in the Mall of Emirates,Dubai. After the success of that branch, they moved on to open ten more outlets in various parts of the country . They have a new branch coming up in Dubai parks and resorts too.Most of the products such as beef patties and few other goods are directly coming from US and they keep the same standards as that in US. They do have routine inspections to keep up the standard.

15748741_10157947422385405_872721899_oI recently got to visit the one in Dubai Mall and was really overwhelmed by the warm hospitality even after being a busy day. Ms. Ava described us about the Shack and its specialties, quite interesting i would say.
Moving on;
Wherever you go, first item we will order is their signature dish and the one here it is the Shackburger. Beef patties which are well done and were melting in our mouth with the home made sauce is divine. It is not exaggerated. You should definitely try it and see.
Next favorite was the Alpine burger which is a seasonal edition burger with special patties, bacons, onions and lettuce. It was quite different from the Shackburger, but similar patties which are well done, topped with pickles.

SmokeShack: If you love spicy and flavorsome burgers, this is the one you are looking for. It was an awesomely delicious burger topped with cherry peppers that are to die for.
Shroom burger is the one for the veggie lovers, crispy portobello mushroom filled with different cheese will ooze out in a bite and its a definite pick.
They have crinkled fries which comes with different toppings such as cheese sauce and cherry peppers. Loved it without toppings though.
For our drinks, we chose to have the black and white shake which was a creamy and smooth milk shake with a twisted flavor. Another one was the coffee shake which is must try for the coffee lovers.They have different flavored lemonades too, we decided to have one regular lemonade and a blueberry lemonade. The tanginess was a bit on the higher side.

For our desserts, Shakeshack special concretes are the must try. We decided to have the red velvet which is vanilla custard with red velvet cake topping. No words to describe it. An awesome one.

Dubai Mall special is a vanilla and chocolate based custard with marshmallow sauce and chocolate cookie dough.I loved this too as I am a chocolate lover.

Going to Shakeshack will not give us the same guilty feeling you get when we go to other fast casual chains as they focus on few health parameters which others do not take into account. A big thanks to the whole team of Shakeshack for having us over especially Ms. Rana Ismail, Ms. Ava, Ms. Georgia, Mr. Paul, Ms. Saraswati and the rest whose names are not mentioned.We thoroughly enjoyed and will definitely come back for more.

Shake Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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