Ka’ak Al Manara, Mercato Mall

Ka’ak is a prevalent sesame bread of Lebanon which is similar to Arabic bread but has some peculiar taste on its own.It is a national treasure of Lebanese cuisine and  is very close to their hearts. Ka’ak Al Manara an outlet in Mercato Mall is all about Ka’aks .Ms May who was our host on that day enlightened us with this special bread and its different variants that they serve.It is a special recipe served for generations by the street vendors of Beirut. Here it is baked fresh daily  which is dairy free,trans-fat free and does not contains any oil, butter, or artificial flavors.This bread is completely apt for vegetarians.

We started off with Al Manara nescafe which is a blend of nescafe and tea. Quite a revitalizing one

They have three different styles of Ka’aks.
Ka’ak Originals
Ka’ak Specials
Ka’ak Sweets

Among different ka’ak originals, we got to taste the Akawi cheese, which has melted cheese and black seeds filling.Next was Halloumi cheese with toasted halloumi cheese filling.
Two others which we tried were Turkey & cheese and Zaatar & oil.Both were pretty good but I have a preference for the Turkey & cheese made of smoked turkey melt with Akawi,Mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

From Ka’ak Special is one of the crowd’s favorite which is the beef shawarma with tahini paste,onion,tomato, parsley and pickles.It was really an awesome one. A must try!
Another preferred one from the menu was Chicken fajita which contains cocktail sauce,onions,bell peppers,fajita mix with melted cheddar.The ingredients used are garden-fresh which in turn makes the bread taste absolutely divine.

We were also served two soups of the day which were the tomato and mushroom soup.I loved the mushroom a lot as it had the earthly flavor of the mushroom.We also called for the salad of the day made of quinoa.

For the sweet course, we had the Ka’ak sweets.One was Nutella halawa.It was made of Nutella and halawa spread mix.I loved it as I am a sucker of chocolates.Knafeh was the next. In this the Ka’ak was filled with cheese kunafah. I would prefer the Nutella flavored more.

They have some packed juices and fresh juices too. Bonjus which is a local drink in Lebanon was the one chosen.It comes in different flavors too such as orange, pineapple and mango. It has a got fancy package and I liked the pineapple flavored one.

Verdict: Whether for a morning breakfast or an evening tea,I would recommend Ka’ak as a healthy option while traveling through the history of Lebanon

Ka’ak Al Manara Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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