Spice Kraft , JLT

I am a big time carnivore, but once in a while I do enjoy vegetarian cuisine as well. Recently I got to try some multi cuisine vegetarian dishes from a restaurant in JLT ‘Spice Kraft’. Velisha, Manish and Jayant started Spice Kraft from a lunch party in 2012, and now they have a permanent location in JLT. The food is modern Indian, in the sense that they try to serve flavors that are especially delicious. With her Mumbai roots, Velisha is the creative force in the kitchen, and all the others have crafted and learned and banded together to make Spice Kraft one of those great Indian shared eating experiences that we love.

Everything at Spice Kraft is a labor of love, and it is traditional, but the food and drinks are refined. It is a small family run business with a bunch of extremely passionate people who have put in a lot of effort to ensure every minute detail is taken care of. They have a pretty decent interiors with outdoor seating facility too.
We started off with a veg kebab platter. The paneer was done well but I didn’t quite enjoy the mushroom. So to cover up that we ordered a mushroom Manchurian. I so loved it. Tiny pieces of mushrooms sautéed and cooked in sauces was pure delectableness.

For the mains, We so wanted to try out the different thalis that they got and finally decided to go with Guajarati thali. It includes rice, chappatis, veggies,dal, raitha , kadhi, snack and a dessert. I enjoyed every thing except the snack they served. It was not suiting my palate.

Next we got to order some assorted rotis along with a veg Patiala. The gravy was so thick and creamy made of tomatoes and cashews rich in spices and rolled pappads dipped in it.It was going well with rice as well as rotis.

We also tried some of their fresh juice blends.One was Just apple with pure apple juice and another one was the Citrus kick with apple, orange and pineapple.I loved the Citrus kick more.

Lastly for our desserts ,though we were throat full ;hot Gulab Jamun was not so sinful as far as I am concerned. It is made fresh at the restaurant and tastes absolutely delicious.


Thanks Mr Mukesh for the invitation.We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Verdict- A calm and peaceful place in JLT to enjoy some delightful vegetarian dishes!!

Spice Kraft JLT Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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