Wolf and Friends Lounge, JLT

When someone has dedicated their heart and soul to something they desire the most, God will help them achieve that dream. The story of Wolf and Friends Lounge (I will be referring as WFL) tells about a single hero who managed to make his dream into reality. We were greeted by the owner and the inventor of almost all the dishes here and he also revealed about the restaurant and how healthy yet delicious a dish can be at the same time.

16776091_10158208549815405_1652505541_oThey focus here on minimalistic use of artificial ingredients and making use of organic and natural ingredients in all their recipes. From tomato sauce to mayonnaise to pasta to pizza, everything here is right from the kitchen without adding any preservatives or synthetic color or flavors. That is a major highlight and we feel as if we are having from our mother’s kitchen. They also grow essential herbs in their garden and pluck fresh in order to make the dishes incredible.
They had an interesting array of starters to choose from. Among them we tried the chicken sliders made using spinach, beetroot, white and brown dough. It tasted incredible and each bun had a different flavor and taste.16777014_10158209801725405_956581105_o

We went on to have the chicken quesadilla which was simply delicious and felt very light to our tummy. The sauce and mayo served were home-made.16731543_10158208548335405_232158670_o
Another attractive starter was the mixed grill with chicken, salmon , prawns and meat skewers served with sauce and bread. I loved especially the chicken which was soft and succulent with mild spices.16763440_10158208547310405_1645666670_o
For the main course we had the butter chicken pizza which was my personal favorite and a highly recommended dish here at WFL. The thin crust with homemade dough and sauces were just out of the world. High quality cheese which has a shelf life of about 2 weeks is used . I will go here just to have this alone.

16735389_10158208547600405_825750650_o Another interesting and innovative dish was zucchini pasta with fresh zucchini made in the form of pasta with some flavorsome dressing topped with pine nuts. I never thought this will taste so good. It was rather tastier than the ordinary pasta.16776356_10158209803550405_272122682_o
They even had some attention-grabbing blends of fresh juices as well. One was lemon and parsley . Unlike lemon and mint, this was quite different and refreshing too. Another drink was beetroot and orange. Hats off to that creative and mind-boggling drink. It tastes like pomegranate at some instance. We also tried their orange-mint drink which was once again a remarkable one and my favorite among the lot.16763519_10158208548755405_1975723766_o
For the desserts, we got to try the banana sushi and apple pie. Another highly recommended dish here at WFL – Banana sushi. It was simply banana dipped in a chocolate based dip and pistachios but it tasted Am-azing!! Apple pie with oat meal was also equally delectable.

Verdict: When we consume all natural ingredients without any synthetic components, the stomach will not get bloated and its feel very light. This is the same experience you get at Wolf and Friends Lounge.

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