Bol Gappa, Dubai Parks andResorts

Dubai offers pretty much everything someone needs in terms of entertainment and leisure activities and Dubai parks and resorts is nothing but a package of entertainment options. One of the parks called Bollywood parks is solely dedicated to Indian movies and they have various activities related. Bol Gappa which is situated next to the entrance of Bollywood parks is absolutely dedicated to Bollywood movies and the interiors and decor very much complement that theme.. Even the renowned dialogues from the movies are used to make the name of the dishes. Famous tracks were played in the background for that complete feel. Thanks Webiral technologies ( Instagram- @webiral) for the invitation and this remarkable experience.

We were welcomed to the restaurant by the manager Mr Pradeep and he explained us about its development and a range of dishes they had in store. They have their own versions of traditional dishes with a modern twist. The cuisine is completely veg and a ‘Safe Haven’ for vegetarians. Though they have tried out some innovations, the taste has not been compromised. The drinks they have are incredibly out of the ordinary.
Moving on to the food, We went on with the starters. I loved the Alutuk chatpat which is made of baby potatoes fried and tossed in homemade sauces and some diced tomatoes.

It tasted quite good. Among the wraps, we tried the paneer tikka wrap. The roti could have been little more crispier but the filling was pretty nice.We also tried their Szechuan crispy veg which is crispy vegetables in Szechuan sauce served in a bed of noodles.

16763816_10158219339550405_1786886065_o Highway de dhaba ki shaan was the one we ordered among main course. Its nothing but kulcha and chole with boondi raita. It was quite different and one of the top selling dish here.

For the dessert, we had another innovative dish from the menu spring roll made of carrot halwa and it was pretty scrumptious. It was served along with paan flavored icecream and it was an amazing combination. They do have some captivating drinks as well. We decided to go with citrus sparkle and raspberry lemonade fizz. Both were amazingly cooling and loved those blends.

Verdict: After some splendid time at Bollywood parks, to get some yummy and delicious Indian dishes head on to Bol Gappa and enjoy your rest of the day.

Bol Gappa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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