Pescado, Ultimate destination for seafood lovers

Pescado restaurant is a result of a few ambitious friends who wished to do something innovative and different from the conventional restaurant ideologies and didn’t want to stick to the mainstream. They essentially specialized in seafood cooked in Arabic, continental and the Pescado style. In order to accomplish that, they have appointed different chefs who got experience in these special cuisines. Mr Sunil who was also the chef at Kadavu restaurant, Calicut, India and Mr Rasheed are accountable for their special marinations and recipes.

The dining area is quite spacious spread in two floors with some interesting and chic décor. The staffs were courteous too. We asked them to suggest the crowd’s favorite dishes from the menu.
Started off with the special seafood soup .It had a mixed flavor of clams, squid, crabs and lot more. A true seafood lover will definitely like it. Next one to reach our table was a traditional tabouleh . The herbs used were quite fresh. Fattoush with crisp pita bread was done with the perfect dressing.

Hamour fillet – A chef’s special fillet in a mild spicy marination. It is one of the best dish we had here with soft texture inside and crispy outside.
Crab cooked in spinach and special Pescado secret ingredients. A must try if you are a crab lover. The flavor and color of spinach looked quite appealing as well.

Machboos rice – It was rather very aromatic and rich in flavors that we could have it all alone. I loved it a lot.
Pescado special rice – Rice cooked in generous amount of spinach and seafood. Use of spinach in their dishes gives it a healthy twist. It was different and undeniably worth another visit.17453477_10210264581103408_1255087548_o
Moving on, the most awaited seafood platter in which mussels marinated in special Pescado spices and Shrimps, Sand lobster, Calamari grilled in continental style. The mussels in their special marination was grilled just perfectly. It’s worth every penny. Next, the sand lobster which was grilled and glazed with a mustard sauce. The soft meat inside was infused with these flavors. Calamari and shrimps were pretty crispy and was well done too.17407770_10210264581303413_1061009528_o.jpg
They also had a fresh juice selection. Pomegranates, Apple, Pineapple were the ones we chose. It was made according to our sweetness level and without ice.
Thanks to the whole management for the breathtaking experience.17453263_10210264581703423_1335644219_o

Verdict: Within 2 months of opening, It has been already predicted as an ultimate destination for seafood lovers owing to the use of fresh seafood and their own secret ingredients equally good for spicy and non-spicy lovers.

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