Pressman’s pressed Sandwiches

When it comes to sandwiches, I think about all health aspects of it. Whether the bread is gluten free, whole wheat bread, whether the ingredients are organic and fresh. Here at the Pressman’s pressed sandwiches, all these are taken into account. It is a kind of fast food joint where we will not feel real guilty of what we have and enjoy all the goodness of fresh ingredients. Last day along with few other foodies, I headed to the Pressman’s in Trade Centre Area.

The staffs here are very friendly & courteous and they also helped us what to choose. We started off with smoothies. We called for Mango, Banana and strawberry favors. I personally liked the mango and banana ones as it was sweet and yum.
Next we went on to order their salads. One of my favorite was Brooklyn salad with bacons and cheese.

The dressing was good too. Other salads we ordered were Arabian and Mediterranean. They make the salad daily in house and supplied to each outlet.
Moving on to the pressed sandwiches, We tried the signature triple cheese which was the yummiest of all with goodness of cheese. It was crispy too. Next on the line was Spicy chipotle chicken. The flavors were on spot with right amount of spiciness.

Chicken, Avocado and bacon sandwich was the next to arrive. It was another great sandwich which tasted like guacamole and chicken filling. They even provide Indian flavors like Bombay special with a spicy potato filling. We also got to try the special soup of the day which was spicy and tangy tomato soup. A smooth and flavorful one light for our tummies.17692386_10210374908781531_1030213687_o.jpg
To conclude our dinner , I ordered a cappuccino with an awesome latte art.
Verdict: Looking for a quick bite with some innovative thinking interms of the filling used and some healthy wholesome meal, head to Pressman Sandwiches.

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