Life’n one Cafe, Jumeirah

Sometimes all you need is a feel good homely place to relax along with some healthy food… Life’n one cafe located at Jumeirah-1  ticks both these criteria . They are  known for its vegan specialties. Not just that ,its  dairy-free, gluten-free and no animal products. The cafe is located behind the fitness center with a beautiful outdoor area filled with greenery and an air-conditioned area . The furniture and accessories completely compliment the theme. They have some summer specials in the menu which was worth trying and we were so glad to have them.

We started off with the drinks

Rebuild juice- I loved the combination of beetroot along with cucumber, apples, celery and macqui berry.

Next was a chocolate smoothie with organic cacao, dates and almond milk. Didn’t feel like there was no sugar added as it was quite delicious.20107001_10158996154815405_587933469_o

Moving on, the main course

Chickpeas omelette- It was unbelievably good , was filled with tossed mushroom and tomatoes. It  was just like actual eggs.

Zucchini pasta- Zucchini made in the shape of spaghetti and tossed in a flavored dressing served with vegetable balls. The fresh and crunchy zucchini was quite palatable .19885665_10158996154680405_2031764012_o

No patty vegan burger- I felt like it was a bit bland and could have had more flavors.

The dessert menu had great options for us to dig in..

Snickers pie – I could not believe it was sugar-free. A must try dessert for all vegans.20403671_10159060200885405_90843031_n

Brownies was a bit dry when served but the dairy-free ice-cream covered those flaws.

I will definitely be going there again to try out other dishes as well.

Life'n One Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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