Quattro Ristorante, Mankhool

I was very much impressed by this restaurant for its look, ambience, service and the innovative-appealing dishes they offer. Quattro is a progressive Italian- Mexican joint serving vegetarian items in a pretty and elegant fashion. The interiors are quite simple and welcoming and we fell in love with it on the spot.They have great deals on lunch during weekdays starting at Aed 39/- only.
We are big time meat lovers but never did we feel the absence of non-veg here.
It was a blogger set menu including some of the best sellers from drinks, starters, main-course and dessert.

We started off with a spicy water melon cooler. It is an instant cooler with a spicy twist. Next in the line was mint-cucumber mojito , my favorite drink , so refreshing and light.
Kiwi margarita arrived…It was more of a thick frozen concoction made of kiwi and lime..we slowly sipped it in along the way.
Lastly we had the lemon iced tea..Tea dripped on top of lemon rocks made using dry ice.All these drinks are apt during summer season to cool us and revitalize.

Moving on , we had some of the signature appetizers… One of the appetizer which is famous in social media, the Risotto palle- A spicy rich rice balls comes along with chilly oil pipette.It was crispy outside and soft inside.No wonder it is famous among the foodie fraternity. I did not have to use much oil from pipette as it was enough spicy. Taquito with avocado ice cream was the next..

The filling was spicy and the avocado icecream made it a unique taste. Olive and mushroom crostini – It is to be taken in a single shot with all its ingredients together. I did feel like a burst of flavors in my mouth.
Corn cakes avocado salsa was the last which comes with sour cream foam. I felt the cake was soggy and did not like it much.
Among main course jalapeno risotto with cottage cheese was top notch without doubt.. The rice had an Indianized flavor with pepper sauce; grilled cottage cheese was a killer combo along with it.

Upside down Margherita was the next with tomato sauce on top of cheese.. The base was thin and crisp and the kids are going to like it for sure.
Ravioli rose with spinach filling was quite good too.
Tres leches – This soft and delicate dessert majorly made of coconut milk was pretty enjoyable.. I did love the rose petals on top.
Chocolate Saturn with hot chocolate syrup was the next on the array. It opened up into a pastry made of dark chocolate and jelly.. I loved it except for the jelly portion

Verdict: Quattro is a fine dining vegetarian restaurant in Dubai with an inviting ambience and versatile dishes to satisfy the tastebuds of both who enjoy veg and non-veg cuisine.

Quattro Ristorante Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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