Bubo barcelona cafe, City walk

From the name itself, we could imagine the cuisine that is served here at Bubo.It has a great varieties of Spanish tapas, paellas and more. But I came here for a bloggers meet to try the new breakfast menu which was recently launched. They have a great outdoor seating perfect for this weather and a cozy indoor.

We started off with Original gazpacho which was served in a cute glass.
Then came our dishes one by one. Shakshouka was the first I tried which had the perfect flavour and tomato gravy. A must try here.
Then we tried Caramel pancake and chocolate pancake. Both were soft and drizzled with caramel syrup and chocolate syrup respectively. I loved the chocolate more as I’m a diehard chocolate fan.27785338_10212926217202647_1723474816_o27746974_10212926217882664_532466691_o27711426_10212926217842663_2068955758_o27710826_10212926218602682_835993584_o27653244_10212926217802662_471132851_o27651161_10212926217322650_1750607416_o
French toast also came with caramel and chocolate flavors. They were fluffy and topped with berries and banana slices.
Apple salad was the next that I tried with crunchy pine nuts. I loved how the apples were not oxidized and change its color.
Haloumi scrambled egg was another awesome one with grilled haloumi on the side. It was served along with avocado slices and a toast.27747072_10212926218762686_1780335113_o
Fluffy egg was basically fried omelette topped with mushroom slices. I prefer the scrambled egg over this.
For healthy option, we had Granola with some fruits.
Crepe chocolate – The chocolate lover in me was dancing with joy seeing this in the menu. Absolutely delicious.
Spanish egg cake – This again was like a fluffy omelette but with some spices and veggies.
For drinks, we chose to have Passion fruit mojito , Ipanema, Blue curacao mojito and hot chocolate. Ipanema was my personal favorite which was made with passion fruit, strawberry etc.

Finally, for desserts we had Pistachio milk cake, vanilla milk cake and two other pastries. I was not a pistachio lover but I literally had the major portion of it because of its taste.

Verdict: Bubo Barcelona will never disappoint you because of the variety of dishes that they have and the pleasant ambience.

Bubo Barcelona Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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