Barbeque Nation, Al Barsha

Barbeque Nation is a well established restaurant chain India and they opened their outlet in Dubai for all their loyal fans in here. The concept is having live grill table where we can grill non-veg and veg skewers right in front of us. Also they have various live counters for chaats, noodles, soups and a decent buffet spread.Though we went on a weekend , the customer service was pleasing even after being a bit crowded.


We started off with  our drinks and we opted for pacific blue. It was quite a refreshing one and I bet its good for the scorching summer season. They introduce different themes throughout the year and it was mango fest when we dined in there.

Among grills, I loved the shrimps which was perfectly marinated and cooked and also the  mushrooms. They also serve some starters like chicken wings, kebabs and cheesy potatoes to our table. The cheesy potatoes is one of the favorite starter with a twist of spiciness and crunchiness together.18236103_10210652397398573_791692393_o(1)

One of the unique station in here was customized soup station were we could choose our ingredients and make the soup to our liking.  Similarly a live counter for noodles too. Another live station worth mentioning is the keema pav station. It really gave us some nostalgic memories

Moving on to the main course, We were almost full by the time we reached here after all the grills, starters and  live counters for noodles and soups. I tried out the mutton biryani here. It was super yum with mutton cooked to perfection.

They did not let us down even at the dessert counter. The gulab jamuns here is highly recommended and not to be missed at all. It is so delectable. I also loved the shahi tukdas. Thanks Barbeque nation and Ms Nihara for a wonderful weekend dinner.

Verdict: A pocket friendly buffet and grill restaurant which serves yummy food at the same time.

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Market Lunch , Al Safa

Last Thursday, we got to visit the newly launched Market lunch at Al Safa in Metropolitan Hotel. They have a spacious dining area with tables placed well separated from each other. We could enjoy our time though it got a bit crowded that day due to that pleasing atmosphere. The staffs were quite courteous and helpful and good at service too.

Majority of dishes in the buffet spread was Mediterranean with few exceptions. We started off with soups. Available ones were (1) chicken & mushroom and (2) lentil soup.

I chose to have the former. It was thick and creamy and we quite enjoyed it. They had a good selection of salads and starters too. Some of the interesting ones were chicken Caesar salad, frikeh salad, fusilli pasta salad, insalata caprese, german potato salad, dry fruit quinoa salad. I tried the fusilli pasta salad and it was really fresh and yum.
Among main course, We got to try the palak paneer which is cottage cheese cooked in spinach based gravy, a good combination with rice. Next I went on to try beef sirloin. The meat was cooked medium with mild spices. A good one! Chicken shish taouk was also there on the spread and being a lover of Arabic food, I quite enjoyed it. Moving on next in the row was a grilled fish well marinated in spices. The fish was very soft and tender with spices completely infused inside.

I also liked their creamy and tangy meatballs. Cannelloni gratinated was another great dish in the spread which worth a try. Steamed butter veggies in the spread makes it all healthy.
Moving on to the dessert section, Some of my favorites were chocolate brownies, cream flan, lemon tart( I loved it a lot) Chocolate pistachio corn and an assortment of Arabic sweets.

Verdict: Though the variety among main course was pretty less compared to other places with similar prices, What they serve is absolutely fresh which definitely deserves a visit.

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Garden Grille, Hilton Garden Inn MOE

One fine Friday, we got to experience the Fam-Tastic brunch at the Garden Grille, Hilton Garden Inn, near Mall of the Emirates. It is just walkable distance from MOE with ample parking space in front. The spread was rather versatile with multi cuisine dishes, all under a single roof. They were having a pretty wide seating area and access to swimming pool and a kids play area. Live music was playing in the background when we entered.We reached around 2pm,but it was less crowded even after being a weekend.

One thing which I have to mention is a fresh juicing section where we can we can select our choice of fruits and veggies to make a drink by ourselves. I chose to have beetroots, pineapple, watermelon and it came out too good. It was sweet by itself without adding sugar. Another interesting section was freshly baked breads with cheese.There was also one honeycomb with fresh honey dripping out.

The salad section was attention-grabbing with fairly good items such as quinoa salad, cherry tomato with mozzarella, asparagus wrapped with lamb proscuita, baba ghanoush, mix seafood salad, grilled vegetable salad, hummus etc. Just beside that there was also one nachos counter with salsa and cheese.

They were having live stations for pastas and grills. I decided to go with a combination of cream and tomato sauce with chicken and spaghetti pasta. It was done to perfection with the right amount of sauce and I quite loved it.

16388738_10158121051610405_874746435_oFrom the live grills, we got to try the lobster, chicken drumstick, tiger prawns. The marination was simple without losing the original flavor of these meat.The dimsum counter with different dumplings such as jade dumpling, chicken and prawn dumpling and pao dumplings were also open.

Not just that, the main course was equally enticing. I tried steam rice with beef stroganoff, chicken drumsticks in hot garlic sauce, mix seafood curry, salmon steak with citrus couscous, roasted baby potatoes with Cajun. I loved the combination of beef stroganoff with rice. The essence of beef in the gravy was impeccable. I took the mixed seafood with lot of expectations but the sauces used was too strong for me. It over powered the aroma of clams and squids.

The best part was the dessert section with some appealing stuffs on the table. It was arranged so well that we will automatically get enchanted. It was the prettiest section of all. I got to try the passion fruit and mango tart as both are my favorites. It was luscious. Another one was double chocolate mousse and I loved that too. Others which I tried are raspberry cheese cake,tiramisu, orange cake etc.

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Besides that there was a chocolate fountain and a waffle counter. Here also we could make our own waffle with the choice of toppings. I so loved the concept. I drizzled some chocolate syrup with dried fruits and nuts. Yummiest and crunchiest ever.

Verdict: This brunch at Garden Grille is worth every penny as we have a wholesome choice of dishes and we get to make our own fresh juice, waffles; live grills , pasta stations and lot more.

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Grand Barbeque Restaurant, Al Satwa

I got to try some of the dishes which Chef Akash Singh created at Grand Barbeque restaurant when I dined here last day. They have some interesting starters and main course for a very reasonable price. There is slight change on weekends with a wider range of spread. The dining area is quite spacious with few private cabins.

We started off with our drinks and ordered for a fresh mango lime cocktail and a pineapple juice.

Some of the starters were served to our table. I loved the shrimps in Asian sauce. It was done seamlessly and prawns were cooked perfect. Another one was momos. It was piping-hot when served and I quite enjoyed it. They had fried momos as well.It was my first hands on it and was delicious too.

Other starters were tandoor chicken,malai chicken tikka, chicken and meat kebabs .

They had live stations for chaats and pasta. We got to try the papdi chaat and dhahi chaat. It was having the classic taste and look.

The salad section seemed quite healthy with few impressive items.All the greens and vegetables used were pretty fresh.

Moving on to the buffet section, we started off with the non-veg section. One of the best was chilli chicken and hot garlic chilli fish. Both were impressive! Tandoori kukkad and Murgh sufiyani tikka were the next on the row.We were served hot breads such as zaatar roti,butter naan etc at our table. Another crowd puller was tandoori keema anda.

Among main course, got to try the mutton dum biryani. The flavors and spices were impeccable and done in a traditional way.One of the signature Grand barbeque dish was the butter chicken which was going good with the breads served.Other dishes in the non-veg section were nihari gosht, gosht paya, macchi dahiwali, bhuna murgh.

They had fairly good options for vegetarians too. Gobi jahangiri and firdozi kabab were the ones I tried in starters. Among the main course I liked the Burnt gartlic noodles and xinjiang stew.Also I loved aloo tarkari and paneer lababdar. Daal double tadka and rice was a good combination too.

Moving on to the desserts, They had a decent spread here too. I got to try the gulab jamun, brownies and chocolate mousse. Different flavors of ice creams were also there for us to choose.

Verdict : I would definitely recommend this restaurant for a large spread of buffet with quite a fair option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians at a reasonable price.

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