Biryani Khaas at India Palace

India palace hasĀ  been celebrating Mughal heritage for nearly two decades through its traditional cuisine , intricate decor and award winning hospitality.India Palace as a brand echoes the tradition and cultural heritage of India adorned by the royalty, richness and diversity of flavors found across the country. Biryani-e-Khaas is an extension of their commitment of introducing the flavors of India, in all its glory to the residents of UAE.17837478_10158461263770405_1516277874_o.jpg

They launched an event called Biryani-Khaas, the gala of authentic heritage biryanis on the 6th of March 2017 where a special menu was specifically designed to highlight the flavors and variety of biryanis found across the different regions; each packed with its own spices and flavor profile. The menu boasts four outstanding biryanis and select desserts that complement one another and pleases the palate.
The menu includes:
1) Noor Mahal Biryani:It was indeed a treat for the eyes; one of my favorite among all with stuffed chicken koftas tossed in aromatic sauce. The flavors were so rich .
2) Murgh Coorgi Biryani: Each biryani was quite different from each other.This was quite unique well prepared with juicy chicken & freshly grinded whole spices.

3) Bohri Chaamp Biryani: This splendid dish is prepared with spicy Bohri Masala blended with mutton chops & marinated for a whole day. The meat was tender soft and was delightful to our tummies.
4) Subz Qabuli Pulao: This renowned Afghani delicacy is a mix of rice, warm spices & Chana dal, decorated with caramelized fruits & vegetables. A good option for the vegetarians out there.

We ended our dinner with a traditional Indian falooda with kulfi icecream, vermicelli, dried fruits and nuts.17797145_10158461262715405_1706628634_o.jpg

The selection of the biryanis included in the special menu for Biryani-e-Khaas took months of research in finalizing the four that we had that day. Each dish speaks of the region it represents, the diversity in the spices used and the type of rice and meat used.
Verdict: All the four varieties specially the Noor Mahal and the Bohri chaamp biryani had the richness of flavors and a royal touch of those particular regions.

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So South, JLT

So south as the name implies is a restaurant serving South Indian cuisine. They serve all day breakfast with some specialties from the state of Andhra Pradesh. One fine Friday, we decided to have our breakfast from there. Its located in JLT cluster C which is easily accessible with an awesome Lakeview. We started off with two filter coffees and ginger tea. Quite refreshing I would say.

Moving on we started ordering the dosas, First was the gunpowder dosa which has a spicy powder filling. It was crispy but spiciness was bit too much for me.
Next we went on to order Paneer dosa and Mushroom dosa. I loved both of them and the filling was sufficient too.

Another dosa which our friend suggested was chilli mozzarella dosa which had a generous amount of cheese and chilli and it was quite yum when served hot.
For desserts, they have a different variety of dosas with Nutella, hersheys, banana , nuts etc. We tried the Nutella one and it was really crispy, an Indian version of crepe. A must try here.

For takeaways, there is a package exclusively for dosas to keep it hot and crisp and the same one can be unfolded and used for having the dosa.
Though they took a lot of time to serve our food as the crowd was unexpected, It was served hot and taste was not bad at all.

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