The Tap house, Club Vista Mare

Another new restaurant in Dubai which offers amazing view with some mouthwatering International delicacies. We dined here last day  at the Tap house which is located in Club Vista Mare which has a spacious indoor dining area and an outdoor seating facility where we can still enjoy the current Dubai weather. They have a large screen for watching your favorite games and munch on some delicious Tap house specialties. The interiors are done quite interestingly with exposed bricks and rough wooden furniture.

We started off with two non-alcoholic drinks; Pineapple mojito and Strawberry margherita..Both were super cooling and in fact a good start to our dinner.

From the kids menu, we got to order the penne arabiatta which was made of a rich  tomato based sauce and my son instantly became a fan of it.

Moving on to the starters, we chose to have Tap house Caesar’s salad with grilled chicken . The dressing was pretty good and the fresh lettuce and grilled chicken very much complimented it.

Wasabi prawns was the next to arrive. It would have been better if it was a bit more crispier.

Among main course, as suggested we decided to have the Tap house burger with mushroom and swiss. The whole presentation is quite tempting with a stack of onion rings on top. The beef patty was well done and we did enjoy a lot. It was quite filling too. Another dish we thought of trying is the orange- glazed Back rib which is slow cooked for 9 hours and served along with baby potatoes. The meat was tender soft and the flavors were infused in it . I will go back to have more of this dish.

For the desserts, we decided to have the Cheeton mess which is raspberry cheesecake covered in a meringue dome. Though it looked a lot from the first sight,we finished it in a jiff.  We wanted to try the Belgian waffles,but it was not available, so we went on to try the Banoffee jar which was made of banana and toffee. It was freshly made in-house and that made all the difference.

Verdict : Yet another spot added to the Dubai dining scenes for a casual meet up and watch your favorite games along with some delicious food and refreshing drinks.

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Wagamama, Palm Jumeirah

Wagamama is a British headquartered restaurant chain, serving Asian food inspired by the flavors of Japan. It was started by Alan Yau who subsequently created the Chinese restaurants Hakkasan and Yauatcha in London. At present Wagamama have over 140+ restaurants all over the world including UAE. March being the month of #ramen, wagamama in Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah organized a social slurping event by Mc Collins Media for us bloggers along with some interesting dishes to taste.
Being a hardcore fan of Asian cuisine , I was thrilled to attend the event and meet some of the bloggers.

At wagamama, the philosophy of ‘kaizen’, which stands for good change, is central to everything they do. Inspired by the fast-paced, Japanese ramen bars, wagamama is a celebration of the fresh and nourishing flavors of Asia.

Social slurping aims at conveying two main beliefs, social sitting and slurping. Throughout the month of March, wagamama will be celebrating ramen in all its glory.

In the name of kaizen, wagamama has been serving, colourful, aromatic and flavorful dishes cooked with the freshest of ingredients with a play of shichimi. Pick a warming bowl of bold ramen. teppan griddled to perfection, or kare, with its rich coconut base and not to forget the heavenly desserts, fresh juices and hot drinks.Featuring Japanese favourites and a fresh, authentic menu updated seasonally, wagamama is a staple of modern Asian cuisine


The franchise for wagamama is owned by RMAL Hospitality operating in four locations in Dubai,
1. Crowne plaza
2. Palm Jumeirah
3. Al FattanTowers
4. The Greens
The outlet here at Palm Jumeirah is pretty spacious but seating I thought should have been more comfortable. Moving on to the food, Some of the starters I got to try were edamame, duck wrap, gyoza, calamari. The duck wrap was the best in which we ourselves make the wrap and fill it with the ingredients provided. I enjoyed doing it. Next was gyoza cooked and slightly grilled outside. It was filled with chicken and its good to have with the accompanied sauce. Calamari was saltless I felt. They had an array of fresh juices and i got to try the tropica which was extremely refreshing. Orange- carrot was equally good.

For the main course we had vegetarian, chilli chicken and beef based ramen and we started off with the slurping. I loved the chilli chicken based as the flavors were suiting my taste. It was well enough for sharing with two to three people. Another one was a katsu curry. It was just mind-blowing. We all enjoyed it ,the sauce was delicious and it well complemented the protein.

For the desserts, we had the illustrious fried banana and icecream. Thanks Joylin Dsouza and Sophia Fernandes from Mc Collins Media for the invite.

Verdict :Slurping of Ramen will lead people to leave their table manners aside and enjoy a scrumptious, fresh and flavorful bowl of ramen, slurping ones way to the end. The only way of enjoying a soul-ful, bowl-ful of Ramen is, slurping it right.

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Aji, The palm Jumeirah

15682043_10157939808460405_55294268_o1I have been acquaint with many new cuisines in the recent times and this one is quite special and thanks to Aji for introducing me to the Nikkei cuisine. Nikkei cuisine is a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian styles. Nikkei cuisine has its origins in 1889, when thousands of Japanese workers immigrated to Peru to work on the railroads. Some stayed on in the country, creating dishes based on the ingredients at hand. Over the years, as more and more Japanese corporations and immigrants settled, Nikkei blossomed. Years ago, the Peruvians would just throw away things like octopus and eel, not knowing what to do with it, When the Japanese arrived, they taught the Peruvians how to use all that fish.

About the outlet,We were welcomed by the staffs Ms. Nisreen and Mr.Juan Carlo to the restaurant and the vibe there was splendid. It is situated in Palm Jumeirah at Club Vista Mare. They have both indoor and outdoor which is facing the beach.. Aji Amarillo is a main ingredient in their dishes.It is a chilly grown in Peru which is quite a flavorful one.
We started with Aji Edamame. Edamame is immature soybeans in the pod which is then boiled and served. Here at Aji it is given a twist by sautéed in red curry, soy sauce and sesame seeds. It was spicy and flavorful.

Next was a set of cold starters, We had shake Taco which is Crispy tacos filled with cubes of salmon marinated in Aji Amarillo,Togarashi and coriander sprouts. The filling was wholesome.
Cebiche Limeno- This is a new one for me in which small cubes of sea bass well soaked in lime and salt were served with onions,sweet potato.
Another favorite dish of mine was Aji Especial which is Hokkaido scallops served with lemongrass,Aji Amarillo and black tobiko(kind of fish eggs)The flavors were mystifying  but a good one.

Ajiru Salad-Duck meat is dried and used along with usual salad ingredients such as lettuce,baby carrot,cabbage,orange and tamarind.
Nigiri in Aji style- A type of sushi consisting of a small ball of rice, smeared with wasabi paste and topped with raw fish or other seafood.One was Maguro foie gras which is tuna along with teriyaki and wasabi.Another one was made of flounder along with black quinoa,Aji Amarillo and coriander.
The drinks were mainly fresh tender coconut and mocktails.

Among hot starters,Gyoza which was one of the best I have had.The filling was made of sirloin steak,Aji Amarillo , onions and tomatoes.The sauce which accompanied it complemented  very well.
Ebi Tempura –shrimp tempura battered in purple corn and fried.The shrimp was super soft and crispy at the same time.It was served along with a spicy sauce.
Aji Anticuchos-beef in anticuchera sauce and wasabi chimichurri.Beef was very tender and spicy for my taste.

For the main we had Pan grilled sea bass with octopus,squid served along with a rice cutlet. Sea bass was cooked to perfection and it well complemented the sides.
Ebi Teppan – Prawns fried in Japanese butter was flavorful.
For the sides we had Yukitas which is basically tapiocas cooked and fried which is then served along with a sauce. I have had tapiocas before but the texture and taste was quite different from what I had.

They do have some dishes for kids as well in the menu.We got our son Grilled chicken and mashed potatoes.He loved it as it was tender and juicy.

For dessert, we had the much loved Sticky rice which is a traditional dessert item among majority of Asian cuisine,along with coconut,mango,sesame seeds etc. My all-time favorite!! Chicha Morada was the next.It is basically dessert made of purple corn ,lychee,white chocolate and so on.Desserts here at Aji deserves a special applause.

Our journey at Aji was overwhelming and everyone who likes to explore new dishes should definitely try it out.

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